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Estonian Electronic Microbial dataBase

Eesti Elektrooniline Mikroobide andmeBaas


PhD thesis

Kristo Ausmees, Doctor's Degree, 2014, (sup) Reet Mändar, Margus Punab. Reproductive function in middle-aged male: associations with prostate, lifestyle and couple infertility status.

MSc thesis

Ave Ahelik, Master's Degree, 2013, (sup) Reet Mändar, Tiiu Kullisaar, Sulev Ingerpuu. Oksüdatiivne stress viljatutel paaridel (Oxidative stress in infertile couples).


Eleri Lapp, Master's Degree, 2013, (sup) Reet Mändar. Kehavälise viljastamise ebaedu põhjused: suguteede põletikud, tervislik seisund ja tervisekäitumine mõlemal partneril (Reasons for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) failure: reproductive tract infections, general state of health and health behaviour of both partners).


Riinu Kiiker, Master's Degree, 2013, (sup) Reet Mändar, Jaanis Juhanson. Ureaplasmad ja laktobatsillid viljatute paaride suguteede mikrobiootas ning seksuaalvahekorra mõju tupe mikroobikooslusele (Ureaplasmas and lactobacilli in the genital tract microbiota of infertile couples and influence of sexual intercourse on vaginal microbial community).


Natalja Borovkova, Master's Degree, 2010, (sup) Reet Mändar, Margus Punab. Seksuaalvahekorra mõju naissuguteede mikrofloorale viljatutel paaridel.


Türk S, Kullisaar T, Korrovits P, Ausmees K, Punab M, Mändar R. (2011). Some etiopathogenetic aspects of chronic prostatitis: mycoplasmas, coryneform bacteria and oxidative stress. Charleston, CreateSpace, 98 p.


Korrovits P, Punab M, Mändar R. (2011). Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitisCharleston, CreateSpace, 68 p.



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Ausmees, K.; Korrovits, P; Timberg, G.; Punab, M.; Mändar, R. (2013). Semen quality and associated reproductive indicators in middle-aged males: the role of non-malignant prostate conditions and genital tract inflammation. World Journal of Urology 31(6):1411-25.


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Korrovits P, Lapp E, Mändar R. (2015). Couple-related factors of ART outcome. Clin Exper Obstet Gyn, in press.


Mändar R, Punab M, Korrovits P, Türk S, Ausmees K, Lapp E, Ahelik A, Metspalu A, Krjutškov K, Nõlvak H, Preem J, Oopkaup K, Salumets A, Truu J. Seminal microbiome in the men with and without prostatitis. Submitted for publication.


Hütt P, Lapp E, Štšepetova J, Smidt I, Taelma H, Borovkova N, Oopkaup H, Ahelik A, Oolep S, Hoidmets D, Rööp T, Salumets A, Mändar R. Characterization of probiotic properties of human vaginal lactobacilli strains. Submitted for publication.

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